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SHUBHKAAMNA is a digital online platform for employees, employers, and Industries to stay connected while sharing a wide range of useful business and industrial services across the globe. SHUBHKAAMNA goal is to deliver a powerful employee engagement platform that gives employees and employers ‘a voice’ that transforms the workplace experience. With SHUBHKAAMNA, big enterprises can connect, engage, and interconnect with other interested parties in a total business setting.

This online platform offers 24/7 services, providing access to businesses from different industries, and user-generated content to raise efficiency and loyalty. The platform wishes to empower user that specifically target contents with analytics, to further deepen user engagement. The present workplace environ is evolving, workforces are growing and producing constant positive employee experiences is a challenge amongst global brands. At a time when employers and employee engagement is gradually becoming a major issue for leading brands around the globe, SHUBHKAAMNA has created the perfect platform to meet the needs of the present-day enterprise.

The World's First Industrial App Platform

Up till now, there is no platform that is solely devoted to your industrial necessities like SHUBHKAAMNA. SHUBHKAAMNA is purely business oriented with target audience ranging from employees, employer, job seeker, looking for relevant contents from leading global influencers related to IT and NON-IT Industries.

Powerful Analytics

As a service provider, our platform allows for the addition of unlimited services or products. As a user, you can add quotations or provide descriptions too. We offer our clients the very best outcome from powerful analytics at affordable and friendly fees.  The platform support experts and large global businesses to inspire others to deliver improved performance, better customer experiences, and superior shareholder value.

Transforming Employee Engagement

SHUBHKAAMNA platform seeks to transform the employer-employee experience by empowering large enterprises to connect, link up, and engage other users. With SHUBHKAAMNA, you can connect millions of professionals from different industries not limited to paper, power, sugars, and many more NON IT industries.

Excellent Filter Searches

We make use of Excellent Filter Searches to give the best results. SHUBHKAAMNA filter searches come with additional flexibility tostreamline your request. Users can search for talents and jobs abroad easily, saving you time and money.

Quality Contents from Various Industrial Services

Users are able to search and post excellent contents here. You would find relevant contents from all industrial services like contractors, exporters, erection & commissioning, o & m (operation & maintenance), sales, support, transportation, and many more.This online platform covers all the necessities of an industrial platform. Whether you are in search of jobs posting or other services, SHUBHKAAMNA has got you covered. Our clients/users come from a variety of IT and NON-IT Industries. Connect with SHUBHKAAMNA today and showcase your business to millions of clients/users from diverse industries.

Easy   Process

SHUBHKAAMNA is optimized for industrial professionals to accomplish all your industrial needs. You can learn and empower other users to collaborate, interact, and share with any means of communication no matter the approach. Our process refines the way you communicate, engage, and reach out to other professionals you find interesting. We keep the process simple in order to deliver a better and stronger user experience.

SHUBHKAAMNA delivers a complete business Platform. The platform includes communities, content sharing, expertise location, knowledge management, live feed views, rich user profiles, and more. SHUBHKAAMNA makes available valuable info and business news in real-time. We believe in the use of creative and innovative technology to solve most industrial challenges. SHUBHKAAMNA wants all to connect, network, meet, and make a valuable business impact.

 For further enquiries, feel free to contact us via email  info@

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